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Health Coaching

Health is the greatest wealth for you and your loved ones...

Understanding how living healthier should be easy. As a Certified Health Coach, I can teach you simple steps that will help you to take charge of your health and achieve optimal wellness. 


How we live...       How we move...      How we think...        How we eat...

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Julie Clark, Certified Health Coach

Hello, I am Julie Clark, a Certified Health Coach, wife and full-time adventurer who sold everything to go after my dream of travelling. Living and feeling my best is my passion. Always having had an active lifestyle throughout my life, I still had health issues throughout my life and wasn't able to achieve the healthy feeling my body and mind desired. I knew there was more to it than just a fad or temporary diet, but I was in search for the secret to optimal health.

That is when I found the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where I learned it's all about L.E.A.N. (lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition). I haven’t ever felt or looked better since becoming a Health Coach. The great news is, it was an easy transition and simple to understand and incorporate into my family’s life.

It's all about Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

My motto has always been that anyone can accomplish anything with knowledge and determination. I enjoy helping others to make sense out of nutrition no matter the age. My strengths are meeting my clients wherever they are in their life and providing education and motivation so that they can make more informed decisions to live a healthier lifestyle. I offer one on one and group coaching sessions, lectures, pantry make overs, recipe revamps, and smart shopping trips to the grocery store. No age or group is too large or too small! I enjoy being to help others make a positive change in their life.